Willow – The Smart Operating System for Buildings & Infrastructure 


New technologies are sparking a revolution in the built environment. The traditional world of brick and mortars is becoming smarter and more connected. Traditional silos between architecture, construction and engineering are now connected through the advent of digital design and construction who challenge preconceptions of how property development and management can be implemented.


To date, most property management systems are antiquated, reliant on excel spreadsheets, paper and phone communications which is labor intensive, costly and inefficient. Affordable housing owners in particular operate in a more regulated environment, work with more limited resources and are subject to more onerous reporting requirements.


Willow is a Smart Operating System for buildings and infrastructure. Willow provides live building data displayed in a 3D model environment including heating, cooling, water usage to optimize building management. The system tracks rental payments, maintenance history, and work order information (both responsive and predictive) to improve both the building management and the tenant experience. Willow provides a customizable community platform to better engage with tenants.