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Revolutionizing Bridge, Facade, and Infrastructure Inspection

About Aren

To this day bridge inspection is still performed using costly, time consuming, and dangerous manual methods. Engineers must walk and be suspended under bridges and have few tools besides their eyes to gauge the safety and maintenance needs of some of our countries most important infrastructure assets.

Aren AI has developed proprietary software that analyzes picture or video data of using artificial intelligence. The software can detect even the most minute cracks and signs of corrosion and gives insights such as which areas are in most need of repair. Aren's technology helps owners and public agencies monitor their assets, minimize the risk of failure, prioritize repair, and optimize infrastructure spending.

Our Synergy

Turf is partnering with AREN AI to extend their marketing reach into the US infrastructure, building façade, tunnel and dam inspection and assessment markets. We are complimenting their in-house marketing team generating leads, conducting marketing meetings, presenting at industry forums to increase market recognition and confidence in the AREN AI tech-enabled solution to improve operations and maintenance of the built space.

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