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Uniting Contractors, Developers, and Owners with Exceptional Diverse and Minority-Owned Businesses

About Tough Leaf

Contractors/Developers find and hire diverse firms they can trust by sharing their project requirements on Tough Leaf. Through their data driven solution, Tough Leaf provides a list of vetted diverse firms ready to bid that meet the job's requirements. 

Diverse firms get access to opportunities based on their qualifications. They also get access to capacity building services such as: Insurance, Bonding, Financing, Benefits, Staffing and more.

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Our Synergy

Turf played a pivotal role in enhancing Tough Leaf's business development efforts. Acting as a consultant specializing in Business Advisory, we closely collaborated with the team to tailor their market approach and fine-tune their sales pitch for optimal impact. Leveraging Turf's expansive network, we diligently generated and nurtured valuable leads to fuel Tough Leaf's growth and expansion. The partnership was designed to strategically align with Tough Leaf's business objectives, with a keen focus on refining the Go-To-Market Strategy. This encompassed a meticulous evaluation of marketing materials and messaging to craft a compelling value proposition that resonated with prospective clients. The result of our collaborative efforts was a series of targeted introductions and persuasive marketing pitches, driving successful business development outcomes for Tough Leaf.

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