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Turf Talks is a dynamic platform curated by Lisa Diaz, designed to engage with leaders in the built world. Through insightful discussions, Turf Talks delves into the core truths shaping the future of construction and infrastructure. From exploring innovative technologies to unraveling the latest trends, Turf Talks offers a comprehensive view of how the built world can optimize processes and drive return on investment (ROI). With a keen focus on leveraging technology and innovation, Turf Talks equips industry professionals with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. Join us as we navigate the exciting journey of transforming the built world for the better.


Episode 2: Construction and Tech Adoption.

🌐✨ Join us for Episode 2 of #TurfTalks with Alec Thomson, CEO, and Co-founder of Riskcast Solutions, as he debunks the myth about tech adoption in the construction industry! 🏗️💡

In the upcoming episode, Alec will unravel the misconceptions surrounding technology adoption within the construction sector. As the visionary behind Riskcast, a groundbreaking construction software platform, Alec is uniquely positioned to shed light on the transformative power of technology in construction. 🛠️📈

Construction has traditionally been perceived as a sector slow to embrace innovation, but Alec's insights will challenge these preconceptions. He will discuss how Riskcast has successfully disrupted the industry by simplifying data capture for labor, materials, and equipment, all while eliminating the need for exhaustive data entry or complex spreadsheets. 📊👷‍♂️

Join us to learn how Riskcast Solutions's innovative approach has made it possible for construction teams to harness real-time data analysis, enhance safety measures, boost productivity, and identify opportunities for improvement on the spot. Alec's expertise and experience will illuminate the path to a more tech-savvy future for construction professionals. 🏗️💻

Don't miss out on this eye-opening conversation that will reshape your perception of tech adoption in construction! 🎙️🔗

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In a conversation moderated by Turf's Managing Partner Lisa Diaz, speakers Steve Plate from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), Marcos Díaz González from STV, and Elizabeth Velez from The Velez Organization brought unique perspectives to issues and topics related to the future of American infrastructure. Their discussion focused primarily on how the private sector and the public sector can collaborate to enhance the return on investment in infrastructure.

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