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Data Management for the Construction Industry

About Gryps

As the construction industry adopts new softwares and technologies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage large amounts of data spread across numerous platforms. Gryps is a startup that offers software to aggregate data from capital projects into one simple, easy-to-use platform. Advanced analytics algorithms help project managers and asset owners alike get the most from their data and allows for more effective and efficient decision making. 

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Our Synergy

Turf is working with the co-founder of Gryps as a partner in their client acquisition strategy focused on selling their tech solution to medical complexes, real estate developers and public agencies. After extensive market research, it was decided to focus on the asset owner universe as the most logical go-to market strategy. Turf provided an evaluation of all marketing materials refining the messaging to deliver a clearer value prospection for prospective clients. We made targeted introductions and conducted marketing pitches to generate sales.

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