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Software for hard hats
Tools for the field. Analytics for the back office.

About Riskcast

Riskcast Solutions is software focused on productivity and forecasting for the construction industry. Our platform provides a way for crews to capture labor, material, equipment, and more without exhaustive data entry processes and complex spreadsheets.  We turn that information into real-time data analysis, empowering teams to elevate safety and productivity and identify wins and potential improvements on the spot.  

Our Synergy

Turf partnered with the Co-founder of Riskcast to craft strategic market solutions and a comprehensive market strategy for engaging prime contractors. The approach involves a collaborative solutions architecture between Turf and Riskcast, providing tailored technologies to address specific pain points experienced during needfinding assessments. Our aim is to present a seamless Go-To-Market Strategy that emphasizes scalability and efficiency, refining marketing materials and messaging to articulate a compelling value proposition for prospective clients. We facilitated targeted introductions and orchestrated impactful marketing pitches to effectively generate interest and drive sales.

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