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Visualise Your Inspection Process

About Provizual

See exactly where inspections have been performed so that managing inspections is no longer a guessing game. Provizual visualizes progress on site drawings by adding color to areas using either Procore inspections data or the Provizual checklist tool.

Screenshot 2023-06-21 082651.png

Our Synergy

Turf is collaborating closely with the CEO of Provizual as a strategic partner, spearheading their client acquisition strategy with a sharp focus on promoting their tech solution to general contractors integrated with Procore. Our objective is to devise a highly efficient Go-To-Market Strategy that maximizes scalability. Turf meticulously assessed all marketing materials and fine-tuned the messaging to ensure a precise and compelling value proposition for potential clients. We orchestrated precise, tailored introductions and effectively delivered marketing pitches to drive sales and generate significant interest.

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