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Stop the Change Order Crisis

About TracFlo

See exactly where inspections have been performed so that managing inspections is no longer a guessing game. Provizual visualizes progress on site drawings by adding color to areas using either Procore inspections data or the Provizual checklist tool.

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Our Synergy

Turf, serving as a consultant in Business Advisory capacity, collaborated with the Co-founder of Tracflo to refine their market approach and optimize their sales pitch. Additionally, we leveraged Turf's extensive network to proactively generate valuable leads. The partnership emphasized a strategic alignment with Tracflo's objectives, focusing on enhancing the overall Go-To-Market Strategy. This involved a careful evaluation of marketing materials and messaging to ensure a resonating value proposition for potential clients. Our efforts resulted in targeted introductions and impactful marketing pitches, effectively igniting interest and driving successful lead generation.

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