The Trust for Public Land - Everyone Deserves a Park


America’s water system, built between the mid-19th and mid-20th centuries, is nearing the end of its useful life. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that $3.6 trillion would be needed to invested into U.S. infrastructure by 2020 to raise the US support systems to acceptable levels. With many cities using systems that are 75 to 150 years old, cities are facing a looming threat of how to modernize outdated and often inefficient systems. Moreover, with outdated systems, cities face the challenge of illegal sewage discharges, water waste, and stormwater/storm surge flooding.


Cities are on the front line of mitigating the impacts of climate change. Urban centers can build water-smart parks, playground, and green alleys to absorb rainfall, reduce flooding, and improve water supplies, all while saving energy for water management. Cities can invest in building more green spaces that improve public and environmental health, generate economic activity, create jobs and draw new citizens to communities. According to the National Recreation and Park Association, operations and capital spending at parks in NY State creates over $6.3 billion in economic activity and supports over 46,000 jobs in the state.


The Trust for Public Land (TPL) can help cities create parks and green infrastructure that can help cities address climate change. Turf Capital partners with cities and TPL to co-create green infrastructure and parks master plans that improve the attractiveness of cities, promote health and wellness, and reduce the operating costs of wastewater systems.