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Y Bird – Specializes in safe, accurate, efficient infrastructure inspections using customized drones


Seed round in a drone-enabled infrastructure inspection business based in New York. Current bridge inspections are inaccurate (limited visuals), inefficient (professional engineer needed on site) and costly (lane closures and workers insurance). Y Bird can address these issues through drone technology, deploying customized drones operated by qualified pilots with engineering knowledge. Y Bird provides high resolution pictures and 3D models that can be converted into drawings. Records can be digitized and easily accessed via Y Bird’s portal. 


Existing bridge, building and airport inspection methods are inaccurate, inefficient, and costly, with human safety concerns.


Y Bird specializes in using customized drones to provide safe, accurate, efficient infrastructure inspections.  Y Bird’s primary focus will be bridge inspections, with a secondary focus on building façade inspections, land surveying and construction management. Specifically, Y Bird provides high resolution pictures and 3D models that can be converted into drawings. Their infrared UAV scans help identify current areas of concern and with ongoing monitoring. Y Bird’s advanced drone photography and point cloud data can be converted into ready-to-use AEC models. Y Bird can deliver elevation and detail drawings to help engineers, contractors, architects and developers to monitor project progress and proactively deal with issues more efficiently. Data is stored in a proprietary portal that provides clients with access to data, drawings, inspection and analysis reports and can be integrated with their BIM software. The portal is in the process of being developed. Y Bird will also train drone pilots, creating new high-paid jobs. 

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