b[x] - Space to Create for Artists and Makers


Artists and makers often lack professional, clean, safe workspaces specialized for their unique needs.   Because they typically work in relative isolation, they also crave a community to support their work, inspire their vision and drive their ambitions. They are often attracted to industrialized neighborhoods in search of creative space that works for them and provides the necessary layout for artistic creation and artisan craftsmanship.


Despite the significant aggregate market size of artists and makers throughout the US, there exists no uniform, consistent, quality coworking solution for this grossly overlooked customer base. Knowledge workers, startups and businesses of all sizes have embraced the coworking revolution in commercial office space to meet their office space needs. Yet, there is no comparable option for the millions of creatives, artists and makers who can’t work in office coworking spaces and seek quality space and a surrounding community network.


b[x] offers a unique combination of high-quality creative workspace, a community network, and the technology, amenities, and service befitting a premier coworking space provider at competitive prices. By tailoring space configuration and ancillary services specifically to the creative market, b[x] excels where traditional office coworking companies cannot. With its member programming and community network, b[x] builds a space to create culture engendering exceptional customer loyalty and satisfaction. Turf is working with b[x] to raise growth capital and to expand their footprint.