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Bronx Pro - Building 21st Century, Art-Inspired Affordable Housing

About BronxPro

Managing a portfolio that includes over 80 buildings and close to 3,000 apartments, composed almost entirely of low- and moderate-income households is a challenge. Bronx Pro has created a tenant portal and offers robust resident services to improve the quality of life and increase opportunities for self-sufficiency. In order to improve the quality of tenant services even further, Bronx Pro wants to deploy a centralized smart building management system that can respond to tenants’ requests electronically, deliver proactive maintenance plans and streamline the property management process.

Our Work with BronxPro

Bronx Pro has hired Turf Advisory to analyze the Smart Building property management systems and make recommendations of best practices and most cutting-edge technology solutions. Turf will assist in both the selection and deployment of one pilot building with the vision of upgrading the entire portfolio to embrace a centralized and artificial intelligence powered system.

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