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Turf is a one-stop resource for the innovation and implementation of construction technology

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What We Offer:

Business Development 

As business development specialists, we help our clients forge go-to-market plans that will drive revenue growth. We target areas of potential growth and assist clients with communicating their strengths and most impactful value-added propositions. 

Capital Raising 

For innovators of construction technology, Turf leverages its network to find sources of capital to enable our clients to further develop their businesses and facilitate the digital transformation of the construction landscape.


Overseas Technology Transfer

For companies based outside of the US, Turf works with our clients that have corporate venture groups to expand their presence and discover investment opportunities in the U.S. For clients with proprietary construction technology, we assist in commercializing their products and services in America through our  business development services platform.

Areas of Expertise:


Construction Technology 


Smart Cities

Technology Expo

Overseas Technology Transfer

Our Clients:

We work with clients across the public and private sectors:

  • Technology Startups 

  • General Contractors 

  • Engineering Companies 

  • Public Agencies 

  • Property Developers 

  • Asset Managers 

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