Turf provides Smart Infrastructure Management Advisory (SIMA):

The Built Space

We provide a full-scale Smart Technology Assessment

  • We curate tech-powered solutions to improve the design, construction, operation and management of buildings and infrastructure.

  • We work with the public and private sector, introducing technologies to improve the efficiency, cashflow generation of existing assets and future assets while reducing costs. 

  • We leverage our Advisory Board expertise in Design, Build, Operate and Maintain (DBOM) phases, Innovation, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment, and Public-Private Partnerships to come with the best available solutions.

City & Municipal Services and Stakeholders Outreach

Water, Wastewater Treatment, Transportation, Refuse Management and Shared Services

  • Turf Advisory is a steering committee member of NY Blue Tech - a network of influencers from the pubic, private and academic communities focused on urban water.

  • Created and worked with a consortium of innovative technology providers to build a comprehensive Storm Water Management solution to address Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) challenges in NYC.  The consortium represented public & private sector entities including EDC, DEP, Danish CleanTech and Dutch Government.

  • We currently advise several new water protection and infrastructure management technology companies.  

  • Working with NGO's and public sector leaders, Turf designs and organizes forums to facilitate conversation between stakeholders to foster tangible outcomes around specific projects. RWe have organized the Westchester Water conference as well as a World Water Day Symposium along with NY Blue Tech and AECOM. 

Assessing Infrastructure Projects With our Proprietary Turf Score™

We have a rigorous methodology to assess, implement, and evaluate tailor-made solutions

  • Assessment. We provide a baseline of technology adoption and a roadmap on how to integrate technology into infrastructure projects.

  • Training and Implementation. We partner with selected technology vendors on training, adoption and implementation to increase workforce readiness to adopt smart technology solutions.

  • Reassessment and evaluation. The project is reassessed. The costs saves, ROI, safety enhancements, economic and social benefits are evaluated and quantified. 

Turf is a WBE (Women-Owned Business Enterprise)

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