Smart Infrastructure Management Advisory (SIMA)

– a term coined by Turf Advisory

We advise clients across the design and construction spectrum to help them improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase cashflow from existing / future assets via infratech

  • Construction invests <1% of revenue in new tech – less than any other industry – resulting in $23-$94 billion of wasted capital each year

  • Infratech can address the above issue and lead to competitive advantage, cost savings, improved safety and reduced risk

  • But, infratech has not yet been implemented at scale, in part because key stakeholders prioritize individual interests instead

  • Infratech has the potential to be a key part of the design & construction process, but a dedicated advisor is necessary to maximize its impact on a project

  • Turf can act as that dedicated advisor, leveraging our talented team of advisors and 130+ years of collective experience in infrastructure, technology, and finance to ensure that clients reap all the potential benefits associated with infratech

Turf has developed a Rigorous 4 Step SIMA Process
  • Creation: Turf helps clients pinpoint the specific problems that are impacting them the most and hone in on those that could be addressed with infratech

  • Curation: Turf works with clients to identify and vet companies (from our network or otherwise) that best fit each project

  • Cultivation: Turf works with selected infratech vendors on deployment, adoption, and championing, which are key to value realization and job creation

  • Calculation: Post deployment, Turf evaluates the project and quantifies infratech’s impact on ROI, cost savings, safety enhancement, and social/economic benefits