MOVE Systems - The Environmentally Friendly Food Cart 


Cities are continually challenged to find innovative ways to feed, entertain, and employ citizens. The mobile food industry provides both a challenge and an opportunity for cities. Traditional food carts specifically generate 200X the levels of greenhouse gas emissions of a typical automobile undermining the health of the urban landscape. Unregulated mobile vendors often operate outside of the tax collection system and failed to adhere food safety standards.


Enter MOVE System who is modernizing the mobile food industry by providing a healthier, safer and environmentally friendly food cart. Mobile Food is on point with the consumer, especially millennials seeking fresh, local, authentic and hip, all in one dining experience. The Urban Vitality Group suggests that food carts enhance street vitality, provide employment opportunities at higher wages and offer an innovative way provide new outlets to proven franchisers and to test new food concepts.


Turf Advisory is partnering with MOVE Systems to deploy their cutting-edge green technology, a modular kitchen with refrigeration, and management capabilities to a broader cross section of established food concepts in New York City with a vision to extend its reach to other markets. MOVE Systems next-generation mobile restaurants beautify and revitalize city streets by creating new advertising revenues for entrepreneurs and tax revenues for cities. We are marketing MOVE System’s unique process to promote entrepreneurship, support of the veterans of America’s armed services, and manufacturing in Walker, Michigan - the heartland. Additionally, Turf Advisory works with MOVE’s subsidiary, Simply Grid, electricity pedestal that eliminates the pollution and hazard created by idling engines of cities ambulance, fire trucks and other support units.