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How We Work:

We work with innovators in a three-step process:

For the Construction Technology Entrepreneur:

Phase 1 - Discovery 

Turf interviews team members, existing and prospective clients to assess the overall business development environment, determining the most effective value-propositions and roadblocks to new client acquisition. We leverage the Needfinding framework (pioneered by the Stanford in our search for growth opportunities. At the end of this phase, Turf crafts a clear narrative and business development roadmap. 

Phase 2 - Marketing 

Leveraging our robust network of public and private asset owners, engineering and construction companies, Turf works as an extension of our clients' marketing teams to increase mindshare and market share. We work in concert with our clients to execute a robust tailor-made business development strategy. Evaluating the suitability of various media and branding channels, we determine which option has the highest sales potential.


Phase 3 - Capital Raising


Turf leverages its founder's over three decades experience in the financial sector to locate, qualify, and secure capital sources for our construction tech entrepreneurs. We activate our deep network of relationships with institutional investors, VC asset managers and family offices to uncover the right partners for our clients. 


For Contractors, Engineers and Asset Owners:

We make introductions to curated construction tech innovators, at home and abroad, that can increase efficiency, enhance safety, improve sustainability and harvest data enabling builders to join the digital revolution. 

Turf uses a rigorous four-step process illustrated below:


Phase 1 – CREATION – Help clients articulate and communicate an infratech vision

Phase 2 – CURATION – Curate technology that provides solutions to real problems

Phase 3 – CULTIVATION – Assist in integration of chosen technologies for our projects

Phase 4 – CALCULATION – Analyze results and quantify benefits of the technologies

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