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Turf Makes Seed Investments in Innovative Infratech Companies

Advisory-Based Venture Capital

We partner with visionary corporates to collaborate with and invest in infratech pioneers

  • We identify and invest in innovative infratech companies who are digitizing the construction industry, which can lead to competitive advantage, cost savings, improved safety and reduced risk

  • Through our SIMA advisory business, we work with industry leaders across the design and construction spectrum to help them future-proof their businesses, improve operational efficiency, and increase cashflow from existing / future assets via infratech

  • With this business model, we are in a unique position to connect leaders in the construction space with entrepreneurs redefining the future of the construction sector

  • As well as helping industry leaders innovate and stay ahead, this model helps portfolio companies gain access to top-tier clients, accelerate sales and develop strategic partnerships which can help reduce the risk of our early stage investments

  • This trailblazing model accelerates innovation and creates value for the entire construction ecosystem

Extensive Network

Our network allows us to gain access to the most innovative early stage infratech opportunities

  • Our partnerships include leading universities and research institutions, which allows us to meet the most-cutting edge infratech entrepreneurs

  • Our connections with leading design and construction companies allow us to find the most impactful partners for each investment

  • As a Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) itself, Turf can access top MWBE-owned infratech ventures and help them make the most of their MWBE status

  • We seek investments that generate measurable positive social and environmental outcomes